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American Made Straight Tube Bongs

These are some of the more popular straight tube bongs we have found that are manufactured in America. These bongs ship quickly and come with the quality of being made in the USA. They can also be bought.

Keep reading to learn how American glass bongs are made.

This Straight Tube Bong is Super Tall and Made only in America. A UFO percolator helps you bubble your smoke. All you need to do is put your cannabis in the bowl and then take a straight-shot through the piping. 

How American Glass is Prepared?

  • Place Molten glass into a furnace and heat the furnace to 2,000F
  • Gather the glass from the furnace with a pipe
  • Use the pipe to roll the glass into a cylinder shape with a marvel
  • It will help to use a glory hole and turn it several times so that the glass does not get too hard.
  • Dip the glass into the crushed color of your choice
  • Keep rolling the glass on the marvel to get it into the shape of a bullet

How American Glass is Blown?

  • Place the glass and marvel on a stand
  • Blow into the pipe and keep rolling it every 10-15 seconds. Do not blow for too long so that the glass does not lose too much heat
  • Put the glass back into the glory hole to keep it hot
  • Keep repeating the process until the glass bong is the shape you want
  • To cool the glass bong have the assistant cut the bottom of the glass with steel tweezers
  • It will help to whack the rod so that the glass bong can be removed easier
  • Transfer the glass to an annealing oven
  • Use a grinding block to smooth the glass

This American made straight tube glass bong is a little taller at 14 inches.

We hoped you enjoy learning about American made glass bongs and how they are blown. Go to our Popular straight tube glass bongs to learn more.


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